Baba ganoush, curry-mango hummus, sabich, harissa and Nuriel’s favourite falafel: the stylish Neni restaurant invites you to discover dishes inspired by Persian, Arabic, German and French cuisine.

I ate at the Neni on a Monday at 4 pm. There were only ten people eating. Therefore, I didn’t have to wait long to order my late lunch. The Neni is located on the first floor of the 25Hours Hotel (opposite Gare du Nord). It is divided into four sections: a bar, two main dining rooms and a private dining room.


Elegance, comfort and creativity: Neni’s interior design is simply unique. It’s a mix of boudoir style, art gallery and fashion week hotspot. Fashionistas and design lovers will adore the picture gallery, the velvet armchairs, the stylish lamps and the marble tables.

The perfect restaurant for design lovers and fashionistas: Neni – middle Eastern food in Paris.


Served in Balagan style (pleasant chaos), everybody can sample a little of everything, like when enjoying a meal at a friend’s house. I had hummus with pita bread and Nuriel’s favourite falafel served with Har Bracha tahina and zhug, which was excellent.

The dishes have been chose by Israeli chef Hay Molcho, who has published a cookery book about the people of Tel Aviv and their culinary histories. The four letters of Neni stand for Haya Molcho’s sons, Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv, and Ilan and reflect the philosophy of the Molcho family.

The Neni restaurant and the 25Hours Hotel are part of a small German hotel group. That’s the reason why you’ll find Fritz Kola instead of Coca-Cola on the beverage list.

What can you post on Instagram? Definitely a picture of the coffee machine, which is part of an Italian van. (I’ll soon post a picture of it in this article.)

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