Maneskin, the world’s hottest new rock band, has just set a new world record for being the most-streamed Italian artist on Spotify. Maneskin was at #1 on the Spotify Global Top 50 Charts with Beggin and at #8 with I Wanna Be Your Slave. Who is Maneskin’s charismatic lead singer Damiano David? Who’s his girlfriend? What do his tattoos mean? Where does he live? Does he have a brother? Discover 17 Facts About Maneskin’s Damiano David.

Damiano David was born in Rome on 8 January 1999. His parents, Rosa Scognamiglio and Daniele David, work as flight attendants.

Damiano has an elder brother named Jacopo who looks very much like him.

Damiano attended the Liceo Linguistico Eugenio Montale in Rome, a high school that focuses on literature, classical languages (Latin, Greek), history, philosophy and English. He didn’t pass the annual exams twice and therefore dropped out after two years. He’s the only member of Maneskin who didn’t graduate from high school.

“I was a different person at that time,” he continues. “I had short hair, I played basket ball and I didn’t sing.”

Damiano has 4.9 million followers on Instagram, more than any other band member of Maneskin.

The 22-year-old singer has various tattoos, the most discussed one being “Je suis Christ” (I’m Jesus Christ in French). The biggest one is on his upper chest: Il BALLO DELLA VITA (the dance of life). It is the title of Maneskin’s first studio album which was released in autumn 2018.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Italia, Damiano said: “As a man, I’m privileged, the harassments I experience can’t be compared to the ones a woman has to endure. If I have a lot of sex, I’m a cool guy, if Vic does the same, she’s considered a b***.”

Damiano is in a relationship with Italian blogger Giorgia Soleri who has 359’000 followers on Instagram. They started dating four years ago. They never officially confirmed their relationship and they don’t post any pictures of the couple on social media.

Maneskin’s frontman has never had any relationship with bassist Victoria De Angelis, but they have a special bond.

Damiano writes most of the lyrics of Maneskin’s songs.

When Maneskin finally began to make money, he bought himself a car.

He smokes five to ten cigarettes a day.

Even though Damiano’s “cocaine scandal”, which was fake news, made the headlines after the Eurovision Song Contest, the lead singer stated that he doesn’t take any drugs. In an interview with Vogue Italia, he said: “Creativity comes from a healthy, trained and lucid mind.”

Damiano is a big fan of Italian giants AS Roma. In May 2018, he posted a picture of him, his brother Jacopo and superstar footballer Francesco Totti on Instagram.

In the Italian version of the new Disney movie Cruella, Damiano voiced Jeffrey (Andrew Leong), the assistant of the Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson).

On 17 November 2021, Maneskin won the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Rock. Damiano held a brief speech at the MTV show in Budapest and said: “People usually told us that we were not going to make it with our music. I guess you were wrong.”

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